Swaper Review 2020

If you want a simple platform Swaper might you be for you. The platform fits perfectly for new investors and investors with an existing portfolio.

Swaper Review March 2020

Mikkel Danielsen

Investment protection


Overall Swaper is a great platform. It is easy to use and has good interest rates from 14% to 16%.


How does Swaper work?

Swaper is a peer-to-peer crowdlending platform. All loans on the platform are issued by its parent company Wandoo Finance Group. The loans are already funded when they are added to the platform.

The loans are issued in 5 countries so far: Denmark, Poland, Georgia, Spain, and Russia.

Swaper is a valuable product for the Wandoo Finance Group since they will be able to have more capital to grow their business. This is quite clever done by them.

What returns can I expect on Swaper

Swaper has a very simple return structure. The return is 14%, but if you have an account with a value of over 5000€ you will get a loyalty bonus of 2% extra. Therefore the return is 16% if you have invested more than 5000€.

How do you get started on Swaper

Getting started on Swaper is easy. You just have to signup and follow 4 steps to successfully signup.

When you have signed up and your identity has been verified you can then you can start adding funds to your account.

Setting up the auto-invest function

Setting up the auto-invest function is easy with Swaper. However, they call it “Portfolio”.

Swaper Auto invest

These are my settings. I also look for extended loans since there is a 100% buyback guarantee, so there shouldn’t be a problem with choosing extended and/or delayed loans.

It is possible to invest manually on Swaper as well. However, it can be hard to find loans since they are pretty much always sold out.

Selling loans on Swaper

Swaper does have a secondary market. Therefore it is possible for you to sell your loans.

How to sell your loan

Selling loans on Swaper is easy. Follow these easy steps if you’re interested in selling a loan.

  • Navigate to “My investments”

    You will find “My investments” at the top of the page.

  • Click on the loan, that you want to sell

    In the list of loans, find the loan that you want to sell and click it to continue.

  • Select how much you want to sell

    You can choose the amount you want to sell. For instance, if you’ve invested 30€ in a loan and you only want to have a share of 10€ you can choose the amount of 20€ to sell.

  • Sell

    Now, click on the big red button “sell” to sell the amount selected.


Now, you’ll just have to wait on the loan to sell on the secondary market. And then you’ll be able to have your money back in your bank account within a few days.

And also there are no fees selling loans on Swaper.

My results with Swaper

In March 2020 they increased their interest rates from 12% to 14% to reflect the recent market changes. This means that my current average is around 12%, but will increase over the next months.

Loan originators on Swaper

Swaper does have multiple loan originators, however, they are all companies within the parent company Wandoo Finance. Therefore if Wandoo Finance is struggling with loans it will hurt investors on Swaper. Swaper is a very valuable company within the Wandoo Finance group and therefore I believe that this will work fine. Robocash works in the same way.

Should you invest on Swaper?

Swaper is a nice and easy platform and offers great returns. I do like that they treat large accounts with a higher return. They seem to have great customer service and transparent. In this COVID-19 situation, they keep us updated on how everything is running. I do like this. I always recommend to do your own due diligence.

Alternatives to Swaper

Swaper reminds me of Robo.cash. They have just about the same returns. However, Robocash doesn’t allow you to invest manually and it is not possible to sell loans on Robocash. Robocash is, in my opinion, a very great alternative to Swaper. Read my review here.

Another great option is PeerBerry. They also offer loyalty bonuses like Swaper, therefore the more you invest, thus better return. PeerBerry is one of the most trusted platforms in the business.

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