review (Updated March 2020)

At the beginning of July, I added funds to The reason for this was the simplicity of the platform. Just add funds and set the auto-invest function 12% return and you’re good.

I’ve since then added more funds and had no issues with the platform. I will cover my results with RoboCash in this review.

RoboCash Review 2020

Mikkel Danielsen

Investment protection

Summary is a beginner-friendly platform where doesn’t take more than minutes to start investing. That is one key benefit of RoboCash.

All loans on the platform comes with 100% buyback guarantee and in march 2020, they raised returns to 14% coming from 12%.

All of the loan originators come within the company – Robocash Group. This is both good and bad.


What is RoboCash launched back in early 2017. Therefore the platform is still pretty new. However, the company dates back to 2013, where the company launched its consumer loans. And then in 2017, they launched a platform for investors to invest in their consumer loans.

The company originated in Russia, but operates consumer loans in 8 countries in Europe and Asia.

RoboCash specializes in short-term loans. Which is, in my opinion, one of the big benefits with Robo.

What returns can I expect on states that their average interest is 12% and that is my average interest as well.

I’ve one problem with their website. They have a calculator which shows up to 13%, but I’ve not seen any loans at 13%.

How to get started on RoboCash?

Getting started on is easy. You just go to their website and input your information. Then your account will be created. Perhaps you have to verify your identity (I don’t remember if this step is needed with Robo).

After that, you can add funds to your account and start investing. This leads me into setting up the auto-invest function.

Setting up an auto-invest function

There is no way to invest in loans manually on Robo. It is all automatic. Therefore you need to set up the auto-invest function, which is called portfolio in the platform.

This is how my auto-invest function is setup. I’ve selected all loan originators. I only invest in loans with a buyback guarantee. auto invest function

I love the fact that you can choose to get your repaid interest and money from that loan withdrawn to your bank account. However, this only happens with the amount has been added up to 50€. And that seems fair enough. It is not a feature that I use yet, but I will probably end up using it at some point.

My results with

12% is my average interest. It isn’t the platform with the highest returns, but all loans have buyback guarantee which I do appreciate. To view my updated result, check out the portfolio page for Robo here.

Update March 2020: As per March of 2020 the RoboCash has increased their interest rates to 14%. They still offer 100% buyback guarantee. It is awesome to see Robo do the same as others in the sector. Swaper, Fast Invest and ViaInvest also recently increased their interest rates to reflect the changes in the market.

Should you invest on RoboCash?

Robocash wouldn’t be my first platform to add to a portfolio. I would personally go with something like Grupeer or Mintos.

Nevertheless, if you just want something that is easy to set up and where you don’t have to do much is a great option.

I don’t plan to withdraw any funds soon. If anything I will rather end deposit more funds.

Alternatives to

Peerberry and Swaper is great alternatives to since they all are really easy to use with no advanced auto-invest function. But perhaps that is what you’re looking for?

Now I want to know:

  • Do you already have Robo in your portfolio and if so how do you like?
  • Do you consider adding the platform to your portfolio?

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