Portfolio update May 2020

Welcome to my portfolio update for May 2020. Another month has gone by and I really have to start keeping up with time. The time flies so quickly, but I would like to make more content for this website. It is crazy that we are half-way into 2020. I can’t believe it

Enough with the excuses let us get into the numbers for this month.


Fast Invest11.29%
Bulkestate 6.41%

*Note: I marked Grupeer since it’s highly questionable. Read more in the section about Grupeer. Also Monethera is in the grey area.

The monthly income this month comes in at 39 euros. I’m actually pretty happy with that.

This graph looks decent now that we are slowing coming back up to a zero loss. However, when I count both Grupeer and Monethera as a loss, this won’t be looking great.


One of the properties that I invested in through Reinvest24 has nearly been sold. At least one of the units is sold and the second unit should hopefully be finalized soon. This will let me continue my plan of closing my account at Reinvest24. I like the platform, but it just doesn’t fit my portfolio at the moment. When this project is closed I still have three other project investments on Reinvest24.


For now, no interest has been paid out for the projects that I have invested in. I do believe that Crowdestor has everything under control. The project ‘Fertilizer Export Financing’ seems to be able to pay soon so that is good.


There isn’t much going on at my Wisefund account. In their most recent update, they said that more investors have signed up on their platform and are asking for new projects.

They have also made an update on some projects so that we know what is going on in this Corona time. They plan to add more updates in the following time. You can read the updates for each project on the specific projects page, which you can find through your investments.


Bulkestate seems to be doing alright. One of the properties is late with their interest. I do feel that they could be better at making updates. To find this information you had to log in and look under “forum”. Perhaps I just missed an email about this, but I do appreciate email updates.

Other than that I withdrew about 33 euros, that I just had in my account. The withdraw went quickly and easily.


Wow Grupeer acutally made an update this month. If you haven’t already read it, you can read it here or watch the video below from Grupeer.

I not sure whether do believe it or not, but I will continue going forward with legal action. Not by myself through grp5612.org.


Legal action is now started and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen with them.


Other than that the rest of the platforms are doing okay.


My Etoro portfolio is pretty great and I’m quite happy with the current situation. Sadly I don’t have too much time to invest myself anymore, so I’ll also start to invest in some index funds or mutual funds. I’ll keep you updated next month.

I wish you all the best! Be safe out there.

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