Portfolio update June & July

What has been going on? I’m haven’t been creating much content lately and to be honest, there are no excuses. Life just caught up and more important things came in the way, personal health. Therefore this portfolio update will be for the last two months.


The combined monthly income for the last two months comes in at just about 73 euros.

I still haven’t counted the loss for Grupeer and Monethera, but let us be honest, there is no turning back, so I will just have to take the loss.

Fast Invest11.29%

*Note: I marked Grupeer since it’s highly questionable. Read more in the section about Grupeer. Also Monethera is in the grey area.

Envestio & Monethera

For both Envestio and Monethera the lawsuit is going forward and they are doing a great job. Obviously can’t share too many details since this information is only for people participating in the lawsuits and we don’t want the others to know what the plan is. I don’t personally have any part in how they handle the lawsuit and this is fine by me. I let the professionals deal with it.


Grupeer is starting to share more information on how everything is and what they will do to get back up to speed, however, the lawsuit still proceeds.


One of the projects on Reinvest24 was paid partly back. For me, this is about 68 euros, that I’ve on my account now, which annoyingly is under the withdrawal minimum. The withdrawal minimum is 100 euros. I would have loved to see these put to work on another platform since I’m not going to use Reinvest24 anymore.


Bulkestate has had some issues paying interest on one for their projects. I personally wasn’t invested in this project, but either way, they do now have this under control and have paid back the interest. I do really like the Bulkestate platform and see a future for me to add more funds to the platform.

I haven’t had any interest in a while on Bulkestate. The reason for this is that the projects, I’ve invested in are not with monthly payout. However, soon there will be some repayments.

Robo.cash & Fast Invest

I have not received any interest from Fast Invest for the last two months. This to me seems odd and I’m looking more into this. The loan details show that there should have been paid interest. However, I’ve not received any since May on my account. Therefore I’ve emailed them about this.

Robo.cash hasn’t generated much income in the last two months. Normally income is stable. I’m not sure what that is all about. Perhaps, that was just timing with some loans? I will keep an eye out for Robo.

Property Partner

They have stopped repayment of rental income until they see what will happen to the market. Hopefully, soon everything will return to normal, since we still have to pay a monthly fee to use the platform.


My stocks haven’t actually played out well these last two months. However, my eToro account is doing well and both of the traders that I copy are in the positive. I’m considering adding more funds to my eToro account so that I can try out other traders as well.

I had planned to invest in some mutual funds or index funds, however, this has not been the case. I still haven’t got around to actually do the research, that is needed before I invest.

I wish you all the best! Be safe out there.

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