Portfolio Update February 2020

It is already time for another portfolio update. Since the last time around a new outbreak has been in the news, the Coronavirus. The virus has made the investors on the stock market fear and now we experience a drawback in the market. It is time to capitalize?


Not much has happened to my portfolio this month. The plan was to add more funds to Grupeer, Mintos or Peaberry. I never got around to do this, but I’m not in a rush.

I took the loss for Kuetzal and Envestio last month, so therefore I didn’t have any monthly income from Crowdlending. This month we are back in business.

At 61,5 euros this is actually really good. I expected a lower return due to no interest from Envestio and Kuetzal, however, it wasn’t bad at all. Monethera payments are overdue – more on that later. Also, interest from Robo.cash will be received over the next couple of days.

I love the total earnings graph. It was doing really well before January. Now I can see how much, I’ve lost on crowdlending and we will see how long it takes to earn that back. Challenge accepted!


Robo.cash is still one of my top platforms. Robo is doing fine and I’m happy with the result. They have had some issues with loans in a country, but that seems to be resolved.


All payments for March are overdue so far. Apparently this is due to Monethera changing bank. Monethera said that they will begin to invoice the borrowers, so hopefully, we should receive the interest soon. Also, one of the projects should be fully paid back, so I’ll make sure to follow my account to make sure, that this will happen.

The money that is free to use in my account, I’ve withdrawn. Hopefully, they will process within the next few days, now that they’ve changed their bank.


Again this month there is a more cash drag, than I would’ve liked. I’ve yet again updated my auto-invest settings and will follow this over the next few days to make sure, that they will be invested.


I’m not quite sure what is going on. I’ve never had a cash drag this big on Swaper. A whopping 60€, which for my account is a large portion. My plan of action is to follow my Swaper auto-invest over the next weeks. I don’t mind making a few investments manually, but whenever I check there are never any loans available. I guess they get “sold out” really quickly. It is a good sign, I just hope that Swaper can keep up with their growth.

Mintos, Grupeer, Fast Invest & FinBee

Mintos returns is back up and I can see that my average interest rate is increasing slightly. Grupeer is just bringing me great returns without I have to do much.

Fast Invest seems to become slightly more transparent each month and hopefully, they will keep up with this. It is a great platform, but they need to be fully transparent.

FinBee is an interesting platform. My average interest is nearly 18% even though there is no buyback. Personally I don’t plan to add more funds to the platform. I’m considering stopping the auto-invest function.

What is the future for my portfolio?

At the moment I consider adding Viventor to the portfolio. It seems like a pretty decent platform with alright returns. However, I still need to do more due diligence and for now, I have quite a lot of platforms already.


The stock market is having a drawback since the Coronavirus outbreak. People are scared of what is going to happen and some companies are hit, since they have shops or export in China.

This also opens for an opportunity for buying new stocks at lower price. Some would say “on-sale”, however, I do not believe in a sale on stocks. Nevertheless, it is still a great opportunity to buy new stocks. I’m not selling anything. I do have some stocks in SAS AB and they have been hit largely by the changes in the market. I do plan to buy more because this stock is incredibly volatile, so I might take some profits when the market starts turning.

With everything going on, I’m overall happy with how my stocks are holding up. SAS AB is my only big loss, the rest is still a profit.

If you’ve any ideas of how I can share my stock portfolio please do comment with suggestions.


This month I took an in-depth view at Reinvest24 and reviewed it. You can read it here.

How is your portfolio holding up with the Coronavirus outbreak?

5 Replies to “Portfolio Update February 2020”

    1. Hi Lukas. I hope you are doing well!
      Yes, for sure our crowdlending portfolio is, for now, more stable than stocks with COVID-19. But with how the virus is spreading surely something will happen. Perhaps your private investments will take a hit soon?

        1. I was referring to your investments through FunderBeam. I’ve not myself looked much into FunderBeam, but these investments could be taking a hit from the coronavirus, right? 🙂

          1. Oh yes! More than definitely! Those investments are into start-ups or local businesses, so they can take a major hit. But I am ready to take a huge loss from those investments.

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