Portfolio Update December 2019

2019 is over and we are starting a new decade. I hope you’ve had a great New Year and perhaps even a Christmas break. I certainly enjoyed mine.

Oh well, let us get into the update. I will also make a 2019 recap in the end of this update.


Portfolio update december 2019

The portfolio value is now at 8433€ which is an increase of 568.23€ since November. This is down to the monthly income and me adding funds to Grupeer, Wisefund, and Crowdestor.

Monthly income December 2019

The monthly income for December increased from 46€ to 65€. I’m really happy about that.

Fast Invest16.75%

* Wisefund XIRR seems quite wrong at the moment.
*Kuetzal has a high XIRR due to its signup bonus of 15€ at the time
* Envestio XIRR seems quite wrong. There are no loses so far.


More projects were added this month to Envestio. This made me deposit more funds. I have pretty much only heard good things about Envestio, therefore I feel quite secure with adding funds.

You can follow my Envestio results here.

Kuetzal scam?

There have been many talks about fraud in Kuetzal. I’m not gonna go into detail, but Jørn Wolf from Financially Free has made a well-written blog post about this here.

For now, I let my investments be, but I surely won’t be depositing any funds at this time.

Swaper and Peerberry

Both platforms are starting to pick up the pace. These platforms are still pretty new to my portfolio, but they seem to be working well. My accounts are not large enough to be hit by cash drag, but I’ve heard that investors with larger accounts are dealing with some cash drag.

The future is bright for both.

FinBee and Monethera

I’m still “testing” both of these platforms. They give good returns, however I’m still not certain how secure they are. This is definitely something I will have to look more into if I will recommend them at some point.


Thewealtyfinn provides this awesome chart with how the different bloggers are doing. I just got added and it is awesome to see that I’m behind everybody.

This motivates me to keep going with everything.


I’ve written two new blog posts for December. I had hoped I would get around writing a bit more, but at least I did write something.

I got around to add more portfolio pages. Here is a lit for every portfolio page:

2019 recap

In January of 2019 was when I added the first 3 platforms to my portfolio. After about 3-4 months I began to see the potential in this business and from that point, I just kept growing my portfolio.

I started with some lower risk platforms, but have since added platforms with high return and for that reason also higher risk.

My plan for 2020 is to keep adding funds to my portfolio? What about you? Are you planning to open your first account in 2020 or do you already have a portfolio?

Final words

How is your portfolio doing? Which platforms do you consider adding?

Or perhaps you’re not yet started on your portfolio – why is that?

I look forward to improving the monthly portfolio update – feel free to leave any suggestions for improvement.

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