Portfolio update April 2020

Another month has gone by. I posted my portfolio late last month, I’m sorry about that.

We still live in an odd situation, but it seems that we are beginning to open the world back up – well at least in some countries.


As you can see Fast Invest is now a very small part of my portfolio. More on that later.

Fast Invest11.19%
Bulkestate 6.07%

*Note: I marked Grupeer since it’s highly questionable. Read more in the section about Grupeer. Also Monethera is in the grey area.

The monthly income this month was just about 29€. Nothing amazing, but I’m taking it slowly at the moment and just looking at the market changes.

We’re slowing get catching up on our big loss in January. However, it can’t be long before we will see a big loss in Grupeer and Monethera.

Fast Invest

The big change is that I’ve withdrawn my original investment on Fast Invest. Only the profits are left in my account. I’ve considered withdrawing the profits as well, but for now, they will stay and keep working.


Bulkestate seems to be doing just fine. There is not much monthly interest, but that is fine. I’ve not been looking into the projects to make sure that they are legit. If I do invest in future projects on the platform I’ll make sure to do my due diligence.


No interest has been received this April. I’m impressed that the website is still up after all that has been going on. They have posted on their blog throughout April.


Crowdestor has made a vote to find out what the investors want to do in this COVID-19 situation. I feel like this is the right thing to do. The vote ended up with the result that Crowdestor makes a model repayment model for the individual project.


Wisefund has like Crowdestor sent out a survey to find out what they should do in this Coronavirus situation. 93.3% of those who voted supported actions to extend the maturity of the loan. Therefore we will see loan projects get paid (hopefully) within a recent timezone, but support them through this period.

The rest

The rest of the platforms is business as usual. Swaper updates us weekly and I do like that. FinBee has made an agreement with the Latvian government to offer loans to the businesses in need – awesome.


I’ve added $500 to my eToro account. I’ve copied Olivier Danvel. I’ve added Olivier since he has put out consistently small profits every month that adds up. I see his investments as safe and therefore the small profits works well compared with my more risky copy of Jaynemesis.


I finally finished my Swaper review. If you have not already read it, you can find it here.

I wish you all the best in our current situation!

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