Portfolio Update October 2019

Fellow investors, this is my first portfolio update. I will be completely transparent with you.

If you’re curious about anything, just let me know in the comments.

Let us get into it.


I’m still developing a way to show you my updates for my portfolio each month.

This month will be quite simple but show you what I’ve invested in and the income.

I’ve invested in loans with quite a few platforms. My portfolio value without stocks is 8033€. It is still small but growing each month.

My income this month for crowdlending was 42,18€. I expect this to grow a bit in November since I have added new platforms and funds in October.

Mintos, Grupeer, and Fast Invest

Are my first platforms. They still have a large portion of the portfolio. All three platforms perform great for me.

I’m having lower interest rates on Mintos due to me trying Invest & Access. I stopped Invest & access and won’t be using it for the near future. The returns went from 11.9% to 10% in no time. I’m sure, that the returns would have continued down to 8.5%.

To stay up to date with how they are performing feel free to look at their portfolio page here:

Crowdestor, Kuetzal, and Wisefund

These three platforms are growing on me and I continue to add more funds to my accounts.

They offer a great return and launch new projects often. At the moment Envestio is not in my portfolio, but they have been more active lately, so it might be time for me to add them.

If you use my affiliate link for Kuetzal you will get a 15€ signup bonus.

Wisefund offers a 0.5% cashback on all investments made within the first 270 days with my referral link. You can get it here.

Robo.cash, Peerberry, and Swaper

Robo.cash is an awesomely easy platform. All is automatic and the loans are quite short, which I like.

Peerberry And Swaper are both pretty new to the portfolio, so I can’t wait to see what is in store. I expect both platforms to be something like Robo.


I do really like the Bulkestate platform, but so far I’ve not received any interest. I quite like getting monthly payments, therefore this is a drawback to the platform.

However, I read that Jørgen from Financially Free perhaps has convinced them to take on monthly payments. I hope to see this feature in the new future.


I have funds in both PropertyPartner and Reinvest24.

I like both platforms, but Reinvest24 have problems funding their projects in a reasonable time. I had a cash drag of about 100€ which I will withdraw and invest somewhere else in November.

PropertyPartner added a ton of fees after I started investing on their platform. They’re not bad for large accounts, but the fees are large for small accounts. I’m not sure what I will do at the moment since the fees are killing me.


My portfolio with stocks including eToro looks like this. The total value is 18346€.

For now, I’ll leave my “stocks” unknown, but I hope to find a better way to share it in future updates.

Final words

How is your portfolio doing? Which platforms do you consider adding?

Or perhaps you’re not yet started on your portfolio – why is that?

I look forward to improving the monthly portfolio update – feel free to leave any suggestions for improvement.

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