Portfolio Update December 2019

2019 is over and we are starting a new decade. I hope you’ve had a great New Year and perhaps even a Christmas break. I certainly enjoyed mine. Oh well, let us get into the update. I will also make a 2019 recap in the end of this update. Portfolio The portfolio value is now

Robo.cash review

Robo.cash review (Updated March 2020)

At the beginning of July, I added funds to Robo.cash. The reason for this was the simplicity of the platform. Just add funds and set the auto-invest function 12% return and you’re good. I’ve since then added more funds and had no issues with the platform. I will cover my results with RoboCash in this

Crowdestor Review (December 2019)

At the beginning of July 2019, I made my first deposit to Crowdestor. It was my first platform with high returns, that I added to my portfolio. I’ve since then deposited more funds into the platforms and have had no issues. Even though they don’t have a buyback guarantee, they do have a buyback fund.

Portfolio Update November 2019

And November has gone by. It feels like with was only a week ago I wrote my first portfolio update. Nevertheless, welcome to this November portfolio update. Portfolio November has been a slow month for me. I’ve not done much in my portfolio. However, I added Envestio. More on Envestio later. The monthly income seems

Portfolio Update October 2019

Fellow investors, this is my first portfolio update. I will be completely transparent with you. If you’re curious about anything, just let me know in the comments. Let us get into it. Portfolio I’m still developing a way to show you my updates for my portfolio each month. This month will be quite simple but

Mintos Review (Oktober 2019)

I started to invest in the Mintos crowdlending platform in January of 2019. Yes, I’m late to the game, but I can say, that I’m very happy with the platform. In this Mintos review, I will go over the features of this platform. Also how you get started on the platform and how to set

Grupeer Review (Updated April 2020)

NOTE: It looks like Grupeer has been a scam since October 2019 with fake loan originators! I added Grupeer to my portfolio in January of 2019. This together with two other platforms was the platform I first started my crowdlending journey with. I’ve since then added more funds to Grupeer and seen how the platform