Mintos Review (Oktober 2019)

I started to invest in the Mintos crowdlending platform in January of 2019. Yes, I’m late to the game, but I can say, that I’m very happy with the platform.

In this Mintos review, I will go over the features of this platform. Also how you get started on the platform and how to set up investment strategies for your liking. We will also talk about the new Invest and Access investment program.

Mintos Review (Oktober 2019)

Mikkel Danielsen

Investment protection


The auto-invest function is well made, however, it is slow to react to changes.

Mintos offers great diversity with all the loan originators on their platform and the yearly return of about 12% is pretty good.

If you don’t want to do anything, there is also a completely autopilot function Invest & Access, but you may not want the lower returns from it.


What is Mintos?

Mintos is a Peer-to-Peer platform based in Latvia. It is currently the largest p2p lending platform in Europe. They have funded over 3.6 billion euros worth of loans since their launch in 2015.

Currently over 195.000 investors are registered from all over the world. Back in 2019 they also became profitable, which is a good for the Peer-to-Peer lending platforms. This is also what makes me comfortable investing in them.

Mintos has a wide variety of loan originators. Over 68 at the moment. This is really great for diversifying. Most of these offer buyback-guarantee

What returns can I expect?

Mintos states, that the average return is 12%. My own return over the past 10 months is 11.92%, which is close to what they advertise.

Getting started on Mintos

Getting started on Mintos is really easy.

First, you need to open a free account on their website. This doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, including a step where they ask you to verify your identity. Just like most platforms.

Once your account is created and verified, it is time to deposit funds to start investing. You can also browse the loans available.

Depositing funds are very easy. You simply just follow one of their deposit options. I personally have used TransferWise and later on Revolut. They had a problem verifying my funds the first time, but I gave them a call and they fixed it with a few minutes. The other times I’ve had the funds in account the following bank day.

Setting up Auto-invest

Mintos has an auto-invest function. This auto-invest truly makes this passive income, since it will do all the hard work for you. Let’s take a look.

I look for loans within the realm of 11%+. Mostly 12%+. All with a buyback guarantee. I’m currently testing a new strategy with 14%+ return, with buyback, but without diversification. This means, that if a loan originator goes bankrupt I might lose some money. This is why I only use a small amount for this setting.

As you can see I only invest in loans with a yield above 12% in this portfolio. This is my main auto-invest setting. I don’t like having too long loans, so I’m only looking for 14 months.

Also, I only invest with Euros and want buyback guarantee on all loans.

However, at the moment there seems to be only a small amount of loans at 12% and above, so it might take a bit of time for your funds to get fully invested if you choose a strategy like mine.

I diversify loans across the loan originators. Some times I might go ahead a tweak it a bit, to make sure, that I can get the higher returns. I just like extra security by diversifying, thereby you don’t end up having many loans from one a few originators.

Mintos Invest & Access

In early to mind 2019 Mintos launched Invest & Access. This works like the auto-invest, only you can’t tweak any settings. It is completely passive and the smart thing about these features is that you can withdraw the money whenever you want.

This is great because then your money isn’t stuck or locked for multiple months. There is a caveat, however. You can’t get sell late loans. This means, that some money can end up being stuck for a few months, but it could have been worse.

There currently working for a solution for it, however.

When the feature launched they advertised an average return of 11.94%. Nevertheless, it seems that they have changed this since I started using the feature. Now they advertise an average of 8.5%.

This leaves me with doubt about this feature. My own results were fine in the beginning, my average return over a few months was 11.88%, however, as you can see above, I’m now only at a yield return of 10.36%.

I consider using the cash-out function, to get my funds and invest them through my auto-invest settings.

My results with Mintos

If you want to stay up to date with my result on Mintos, you can head over to my portfolio page for Mintos here.

Nevertheless, my yield return, when writing this is 11.92%. I’m quite happy with that.

Should you invest on Mintos?

I can recommend, that you do this even when you’re new to the game. The reason I recommend Mintos, is due to a great diversification, you can create on Mintos with all of their loan originators. They keep adding more and many loans comes with a buyback guarantee

This is also the reason that Mintos is the biggest position in my portfolio at the moment.


Some of the best alternatives to Grupeer at the moment. A new and popular crowdlending platform is Kuetzal.

What are thoughts on Mintos? Are you already an investor or are you considering becoming one?

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