Grupeer Review (Updated April 2020)

NOTE: It looks like Grupeer has been a scam since October 2019 with fake loan originators!

I added Grupeer to my portfolio in January of 2019. This together with two other platforms was the platform I first started my crowdlending journey with.

I’ve since then added more funds to Grupeer and seen how the platform has grown from only a 10 or so loan originators to now over 30. And all with good returns in my opinion.

This Grupeer review is based on my own experience with Grupeer.

Grupeer Review

Mikkel Danielsen



Overall the Grupeer platform is really simple and easy to use. This is something I really appreciated when I started.

The returns are pretty decent with an average above 13% even with buyback guarantee.

Their support is quick with helping out, if you ever need anything from them.


What is Grupeer?

Grupeer is a Peer-to-Peer lending platform based in Latvia. Grupeer has become one of the largest players in the crowdlending business in Europe since its launch in 2017.

Grupeer’s goal is to become the market leader in alternative investments in the EU by 2020.

What returns can I expect?

Grupeer states that the average interest rate on projects is 13.31%. I’m not sure if they’re only talking about development projects. Nevertheless, I both with development projects and the other loan deals have an average above 13%.

I can’t say the exact number, but since I started in January the returns have been 11.94%. Therefore by the end of the year, I’ll be around 13-14%.

Getting started on Grupeer

Opening an account on Grupeer is really easy.

First, you need to open a free account on their website. This doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, including a step where they ask you to verify your identity.

When your identity is verified by their staff you’ll be able to deposit funds. Keep in mind, that they currently don’t have support for TranferWise, therefore I use Revolut.

You can manually invest in loans from the “invest” tab or choose to set up auto-invest, which leads me into…

Setting up Auto-invest

Auto-invest on the Grupeer platform is quite straight forward.

Grupeer auto-invest strategy

This is my main auto-invest strategy. As you can see I only look for loans above 13% and with a buyback guarantee. Currently, all loans come with buyback.

I also don’t look for ballon repayments, since I like to get the monthly payment.

In this main strategy, I have not selected loan type of development projects else pretty much all of the funds would go into development. Therefore I have got a second strategy, which only focusses on development projects with a limit an auto-invest limit.

Grupeer stability fund

Grupeer is working on a new feature, they call “stability fund”. This is investment in properties with a single click. However, the return is only 4-8% yearly.

My results with Grupeer

So far this year my return is 11.96%, I expect this to come be around 13-14% at the end of the year which I’m really happy with.

Grupeer Review

I would love to see a better view of this on the platform. Just like with Mintos where you can see the expected yearly return based on the current loan investments you have.

To see my lasted updated results with Grupeer, you can take a look here!

Should you Invest on Grupeer?

I can most definitely recommend investing on Grupeer platform. It is very beginner-friendly, therefore it doesn’t take long to get started on the platform.

Loans come with good returns and buyback guarantee.

Grupeer recently posted its financial statements for 2018. They had a small loss, but nothing that will scare me away. However, you should always do your own due diligence, therefore you can read their financial statement:


Great alternatives are Mintos and Swaper. Mintos is a bit more complicated but offers great diversification, were Swaper is straight forward investing.

This covers my Grupeer review.

P.S. What are thoughts on Grupeer? Are you already an investor or are you considering becoming one?

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