Stock and crowdlending portfolio update 2020 february

Portfolio Update February 2020

It is already time for another portfolio update. Since the last time around a new outbreak has been in the news, the Coronavirus. The virus has made the investors on the stock market fear and now we experience a drawback in the market. It is time to capitalize? Portfolio Not much has happened to my

Reinvest24 Review

Reinvest24 review (February 2020)

In May of 2019, I started investing on Reinvest24. The reason for this is to diversify my crowdlending portfolio with real estate. But after nearly a year with the platform, do I actually like the platform? Let us find out in this review of Reinvest24. What is Reinvest24? Reinvest24 is a real estate crowdfunding platform

Portfolio Update January 2020

Wow, the first month of 2020 is already over. I can’t believe how fast time flies by at the moment. And let us be honest, this month has been tough for the crowdlending sector. Portfolio I expect my money to be gone in Kuetzal and Envestio, so I’ve counted it as a loss this month.

Envestio, Wisefund, and Monethera possible collapse?

After the recent collapse of Kuetzal the Crowdlending business is a mess. As of 21st January the Envestio website seems to be shut down and just gives a 404 page. Both Wisefund and Monethera has made changes to their buyback policy since many investors are looking to get an early exit after the Envestio situation.

Kuetzal shutting down.

Kuetzal is shutting down

Whew, there have been a lot of bad press about Kuetzal in end December and start of January. You probably know this by now. This bad press have hurt their reputation. Thewealthyfinn even chose, that it was time to pull the plug. That was a good call by him. Lately, the company has been called

Portfolio Update December 2019

2019 is over and we are starting a new decade. I hope you’ve had a great New Year and perhaps even a Christmas break. I certainly enjoyed mine. Oh well, let us get into the update. I will also make a 2019 recap in the end of this update. Portfolio The portfolio value is now review review (Updated March 2020)

At the beginning of July, I added funds to The reason for this was the simplicity of the platform. Just add funds and set the auto-invest function 12% return and you’re good. I’ve since then added more funds and had no issues with the platform. I will cover my results with RoboCash in this

Crowdestor Review (December 2019)

At the beginning of July 2019, I made my first deposit to Crowdestor. It was my first platform with high returns, that I added to my portfolio. I’ve since then deposited more funds into the platforms and have had no issues. Even though they don’t have a buyback guarantee, they do have a buyback fund.

Portfolio Update November 2019

And November has gone by. It feels like with was only a week ago I wrote my first portfolio update. Nevertheless, welcome to this November portfolio update. Portfolio November has been a slow month for me. I’ve not done much in my portfolio. However, I added Envestio. More on Envestio later. The monthly income seems