Portfolio update June & July

What has been going on? I’m haven’t been creating much content lately and to be honest, there are no excuses. Life just caught up and more important things came in the way, personal health. Therefore this portfolio update will be for the last two months. Portfolio The combined monthly income for the last two months

Portfolio update May 2020

Welcome to my portfolio update for May 2020. Another month has gone by and I really have to start keeping up with time. The time flies so quickly, but I would like to make more content for this website. It is crazy that we are half-way into 2020. I can’t believe it Enough with the

Portfolio update April 2020

Another month has gone by. I posted my portfolio late last month, I’m sorry about that. We still live in an odd situation, but it seems that we are beginning to open the world back up – well at least in some countries. Portfolio As you can see Fast Invest is now a very small

Swaper review 2020

Swaper Review 2020

If you want a simple platform Swaper might you be for you. The platform fits perfectly for new investors and investors with an existing portfolio. How does Swaper work? Swaper is a peer-to-peer crowdlending platform. All loans on the platform are issued by its parent company Wandoo Finance Group. The loans are already funded when

Portfolio update March 2020

What is going on? This portfolio update is just about 15 days late. Well, no excuses, but I’ve had my Easter vacation and I’ve waited on a FastInvest withdrawal. More on that later. Let us get into last month’s portfolio updates. Portfolio Platform XIRR Mintos 13.57% Grupeer* 15.77% Fast Invest 12.09% Bulkestate 8.06% RoboCash 9.58%

Stock and crowdlending portfolio update 2020 february

Portfolio Update February 2020

It is already time for another portfolio update. Since the last time around a new outbreak has been in the news, the Coronavirus. The virus has made the investors on the stock market fear and now we experience a drawback in the market. It is time to capitalize? Portfolio Not much has happened to my

Reinvest24 Review

Reinvest24 review (February 2020)

In May of 2019, I started investing on Reinvest24. The reason for this is to diversify my crowdlending portfolio with real estate. But after nearly a year with the platform, do I actually like the platform? Let us find out in this review of Reinvest24. What is Reinvest24? Reinvest24 is a real estate crowdfunding platform

Portfolio Update January 2020

Wow, the first month of 2020 is already over. I can’t believe how fast time flies by at the moment. And let us be honest, this month has been tough for the crowdlending sector. Portfolio I expect my money to be gone in Kuetzal and Envestio, so I’ve counted it as a loss this month.

Envestio, Wisefund, and Monethera possible collapse?

After the recent collapse of Kuetzal the Crowdlending business is a mess. As of 21st January the Envestio website seems to be shut down and just gives a 404 page. Both Wisefund and Monethera has made changes to their buyback policy since many investors are looking to get an early exit after the Envestio situation.

Kuetzal shutting down.

Kuetzal is shutting down

Whew, there have been a lot of bad press about Kuetzal in end December and start of January. You probably know this by now. This bad press have hurt their reputation. Thewealthyfinn even chose, that it was time to pull the plug. That was a good call by him. Lately, the company has been called